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Oh... Sir! Insult-Based Voice Acting At Its Most Hilarious.

Oh... Sir! The Insult 'em up that has over 1000 reviews on Steam averaging a frankly insane 10/10, is now out on your mobile! I'd already voiced two of the characters slinging insults in the game (Sir Knight and Mrs Maggie) and I've just finished voicing a new cockney character coming to the next update (a gentleman going by the name of Albert).

I've been playing it for half an hour, and it's as brilliant as I thought it was going to be when recording the voice work. Looking forward to taking a friend on. Check it out for some Monty Python-esque silliness!


App Store:…/oh...sir!-insult-s…/id1118082679…


Oh... Sir! Voice Acting by Rosko Lewis (Voice Actor)

Oh... Sir! by Gambitious & Vile Monarch

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