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I like nothing more than getting stuck into narrating a good audiobook. If you are a writer looking to convert your written work to audio; an audiobook publisher or independent - I can deliver you clean files or recording sessions in full for you to work with, from my own studio.

I can be your audiobook narrator; but I can be your audiobook producer, too.

Take a look at the reviews for my most recent audiobook narration for the book Psychosis.


Rosko Lewis Narrates Pyschosis

I recently recorded Tony Marturano's psychological thriller, Psychosis - a vast twisting tale taking us into the deepest reaches of our main protagonist's mind - a mind that endured an awful lot of hardship during the 18 hour audiobook.

Due to it being written in the first person, through the eyes (and mind) of Marco - our main character - it was a read that required an awful lot more than a simple narration of events. Marco had to fall to pieces as his mind got the better of him. It needed plenty of nuance and every line had to be delivered in a way that fully grasped and portrayed just where he was at psychologically at that moment. Furthermore, there were 30 or so characters to voice too!

"A mind blowing Tour de Force! Literally the most amazing combination of razor sharp wit, savvy intellect, whip-like snaps of irreverence... all delivered by the most talented narrator I have ever had the pleasure to hear.. what a stellar pairing.. a true tour de force..! My only regret is that there's not another of Rosko Lewis' as our intrepid "Audio Actor"... he gave the performance of a lifetime...Bravo..!!" John (Audible Review)

"It's certainly right up there with the most engaging of them all. The narrator is full of personality that twists and molds to fit each character. Rosko brings Marco, the main character, to life in the most spectacular way, he gives him the depth and nuance that makes you simultaneously want to help and want to hate Marco. He embodies the flawed nature of Marco, and human life, perfectly." Anna (Audible Review)

"The character is quite witty, sarcastic, blunt, and Rosko Lewis brings that out really well. I also did feel for the character, but don't want to add any spoilers here..." T.Richard (Audible Review)

"Loved this book from start to finish, I was hooked after the intro. A definite must listen!" S.Greenwood (Audible Review)

"As you would expect from a novel, the setting of the story takes time but is interesting and well thought out. The author has obviously spent time developing the characters and the plot and it shows in the quality of the threads that run throughout the book. I enjoy the story immensely and the dark and disturbing twists I hoped for delivered and kept me wanting more." TP (Audible Review)

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