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Welcome to the epicentre of vocal prowess, where East London grit meets the fantastical realms of gaming!


As a voice artist with family roots deeply embedded in East London, my naturally resonant voice – with just the right touch of depth – is ready to breathe life into your orcish characters. And let's face it, who doesn't love a well-timed, artfully delivered roar? (Thanks, kids, for the impromptu training sessions!)

When it comes to iconic characters, I'm no stranger to the realm of wizards and warlocks. If you find yourself yearning for a Gandalf-esque presence or a wise, elderly sorcerer a la Ian McKellen, you're in the right place. But don't be fooled, I've also mastered the darker, more ominous tones inspired by the likes of the Lord of the Rings.


Think of me as your go-to for the grim, beastly, and monstrous – the kind of characters that Cockney voiceovers were born to bring to life.

Take a peek at the gameplay video over there; it's a journey through the dungeon-crawling masterpiece, Orc: Vengeance. In this game, I lent my voice to the main character, Rok, as well as an array of formidable foes, including the bone-chilling end-game adversary, The Dark One (you'll catch a glimpse of him in action in the video).

So, if you're on the hunt for a villainous voice that resonates with a distinctive shade of green and sounds like it could use a soothing throat lozenge, look no further. Whether you're crafting a new gaming experience or enhancing an existing one, my vocal arsenal is at your disposal. Let's bring your characters to life in a way that leaves players spellbound and craving more. Because in the world of gaming, the right voice can elevate a good story to legendary status. Let's make your game truly unforgettable!

Orc Reel
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