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Welcome to Rosko Lewis British Voiceover – Your IVR and Phone Systems Partner.

I'd be happy to become your dedicated voice-over artist for IVR and phone systems in the UK and beyond. If you're ready to give your business phone a vocal makeover, you're in the right place.

Why Rosko Lewis? First impressions matter, and I specialize in adding warmth and professionalism to your phone systems. No flashy sales pitch – just genuine, down-to-earth voice recordings that speak volumes about your brand.

What I Offer:

  • IVR Voice Prompts: Make navigating your phone menu a breeze with clear, concise prompts that guide your callers smoothly through their journey.

  • On-Hold Messages: Keep your customers entertained while they wait. No elevator music – just engaging messages that make the wait a tad more interesting.

  • Phone Greetings: Set the tone with a warm "hello" that suits your style. I'll help you nail that friendly first impression.

  • Personal Touch: When you work with me, you're dealing directly with the voice behind the mic. No middlemen, just a one-on-one collaboration.

  • Your Brand, Your Way: I'm all about capturing the essence of your brand. Let's make sure your voice reflects the uniqueness of your business.

  • Efficiency Matters: Time is money, and I get it. Quick turnaround without compromising on quality – that's the deal.

Ready to give your phone systems a human touch? Let's chat about making your phone sound as good as your business looks.

Excited to work together and make your phone systems reflect the essence of your business in my audio.

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