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Official statistics that I just made up show that there are 500 gazillion voice over artists in the world today - but only a tiny percentage are able to pull off their art without sounding like they're putting it on. I spent a good few years going all around the houses before I was able to sound like myself in conversation on the mic - something that many VOs struggle to achieve. So if you need the guy next door, or a relaxed, conversational and good humoured style, I can bring you that. 


Because 80% of web traffic is video content, you see a lot of videos about. Explanatory animations, explainer videos, corporate videos - everyone needs to be able to sum up what they do in a nutshell and I provide voice over to many of the world's big makers of these explainer videos. 

Check my audio download shop for off-the-shelf vocal prompts and commands that you can download right now to integrate into your project. An explainer-relevant one is currently in the making.

Explainer Videos
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