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Pathe News Reel
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Ladies and gentlemen, step back in time to the golden era of radio, where news came to life through the iconic, crackling voice of the Pathe News caster. I'm Rosko Lewis, your vintage news voiceover maestro, ready to transport your audience to the bygone days of captivating storytelling and historic broadcasts with old-time radio & pathe news narrations.

Embark on a Time-Traveling News Journey:

With a touch of nostalgia and a hint of yesteryear, I'll be your guide to an era where news was delivered with authority and flair. Whether you're seeking the classic charm of an old-time radio announcer or the distinctive tones of a Pathe News broadcaster, I'm here to lend your projects the authenticity they deserve.

Vintage Voiceovers Tailored for Retro Narratives:

Dive into the rich history of radio with voiceovers crafted for vintage commercials, historical documentaries, and retro-styled animations. From the urgent delivery of breaking news to the polished cadence of classic radio advertisements, I bring a unique authenticity to characters that embody the timeless charm of old-time broadcasts.

Why Choose Rosko Lewis for Your Retro News Needs?

  • A Chronicle of Versatility: Whether it's the riveting delivery of breaking news or the eloquence of a seasoned radio announcer, I've got the vocal range to capture the essence of the golden radio age.

  • Passion for Radio Nostalgia: I don't just mimic the past; I relive it. Expect genuine passion and a true understanding of the artistry behind vintage news casting, making your retro projects resonate with authenticity.

Calling All Radio Enthusiasts and Retro Creatives:

Agents, voice directors, and anyone casting for historical authenticity – let's rewind the clock! Independent creators of vintage-style podcasts, sound wizards curating retro narratives, animators with a penchant for the classics – join me in this time-traveling adventure, and let's create stories that echo through the decades.

Ready to Broadcast Your Retro Dreams?

Tune in to the allure of a bygone era with a vintage news voiceover artist who not only captures the essence of old-time radio but also brings the distinct charm of Pathe News. Together, we'll make your retro project resonate like a broadcast from the golden age.

Embrace the nostalgia – Choose Rosko Lewis for voiceovers that transport your audience to the captivating era of old-time radio!

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