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Welcome to Rosko Lewis British Voiceover - Your Voiceover Pro for eLearning and Beyond

I'm not just about eLearning; I'm your go-to guy for a range of voiceover needs. I'm the proud voice behind some of the world's leading eLearning, online learning, and development companies like SAP, Litmos, and iAM Learning.


LMS (Learning Management System) and learning systems often crave that extra vocal touch. I love sinking my teeth into projects that require seamless voice integration, ensuring your platform functions with clarity and engagement.

Are you searching for a seasoned British voiceover artist to elevate your eLearning project?


Rosko Lewis, a distinguished freelance voiceover professional, brings a wealth of experience and a distinctive voice to make your eLearning content truly resonate.

Why Choose Rosko Lewis for Your eLearning Voiceover Needs?

1. Expertise in Online Learning Narration: My track record speaks volumes! Whether it's eLearning, online modules, or L&D content, I've got the experience to strike the perfect balance between clarity, engagement, and professionalism.

2. Seamless Remote Collaboration: Distance is no obstacle. As a dedicated freelance eLearning voiceover artist with a fully equipped home studio, I ensure a seamless collaboration process for your eLearning or online learning project, regardless of your location.

3. Customized Tone and Style: Your project is unique, and so is my approach. Whether you need a humorous, friendly, corporate, or instructional tone, I'll tailor my voice to align perfectly with your eLearning objectives.

4. Quick Turnaround: In the fast-paced world of eLearning and online learning, time is gold. I'm committed to delivering prompt results without compromising quality. Your deadlines are sacred to me.

Explore the World of Voiceovers Beyond eLearning with Rosko Lewis British Voiceover

When you choose Rosko Lewis British Voiceover for your eLearning voiceover needs, you're not just getting a voice. You're gaining a partner dedicated to enhancing the impact of your educational content. Browse through the portfolio and testimonials to witness the transformative power of Rosko's voice in the realm of eLearning content and remote voiceover services.

Ready to take your eLearning project to the next level? Contact Rosko Lewis today for a professional narration and voiceover experience that leaves a lasting impression.


Check out my audio download shop for off-the-shelf vocal prompts and commands that you can download right now to integrate into your Learning Management System or learning platform, or drop me a line if you need something a little more bespoke all recorded right here in my professional home studio.

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