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Voice over artist, huh? So, what have I heard you on?

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

When I explain what I do for a living to people, I must often get asked "what have I heard you on?" (Spoiler: nothing, probably).

I'm not Stephen Fry by any stretch of the imagination. I haven't made a career out of big ticket jobs... I'm sorry...

Unless the person asking was in Hertfordshire listening to local radio between September and December or was tuned into the World Cup whilst watching in the Middle East or gets through reams of online training or has a penchant for independent fantasy video games etc etc (you get the picture), chances are slim they've heard me 'out in the wild'. I'm just not that guy that says "Every Little Helps" on the Tesco ad.

Some just struggle to fathom how you can be a voice over artist but not pop up introducing the Strictly Come Dancing stars or something equally recognisable.

However, I reckon the second most common question is, "So how many people have heard your voice?" and actually that is a little more interesting. My voice will have been heard quite a lot.

So, I thought I'd have a rummage through some old audio files and jobs and try and locate the job in question, and providing it's on Youtube, rank some of them by views.

Sooo, here are some of the more watched pieces of work that I found with a bit of digging that the viewer had to endure me in:

Three Billy Goats Gruff (Playing the troll... I know)

18m views on YouTube + 1.8m in Little Red Riding Hood... playing the baddie again.

Tower Crush (Number of characters)

2.15m views on YouTube + 10m installs of the game

QNB (Main VO)

1.6m Views on YouTube and televised across North Africa and Middle East

Plus500 (Main VO)

1.5m views on YouTube

Steel Division (Voice of British Army)

780k views on YouTube and half a million installs of game

Grenade (Main VO)

500k views on YouTube

Typoman (Main VO)

275k views on Youtube

Frozen Warriors (Main VO)

185k views on Youtube

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